This page contains details of training days offered by The Sensory Projects plus information on upcoming training and speaking events hosted by or including The Sensory Projects.

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Available training days

Sensory stories. This day reveals the fundamental importance of using sensory strategies with people and how narrative permeates our lives. Delegates learn the essentials of a great sensory story and experience how to facilitate them to maximal benefit. This course can also be booked as a two day event combined with the Adventurous sensory story telling below. A two day version of this event is available with enriched content and ideas for other forms of sensory stories.

Sensory engagement for mental well being. This day looks at how we identify, select and create sensory experiences that support the mental well being of some of our more complex learners. In a time when we are thinking about mental health first aid, this is the ‘prevention is better than cure’ for learners with PMLD, complex needs, profound autism etc.

Developing sensory engagement. This day looks at how we create sensory experiences that engage our learners and how we can use these experiences to extend their cognition and ability to further engage with the curriculum. If you wish to focus on a particular curriculum area this day can be tailored to a particular subject.

Creating and using sensory environments. This day looks at how to create sensory environments big and small, as is typical with the Sensory Projects it focuses on low cost options but the learning within the day will be applicable to the wonderful expensive palaces of sensory wonder too.

Facilitating sensory science. Many of our sensory learners are naturally brilliant scientists, it is important that our approach to teaching science does not mean their ability to achieve in this area is contingent upon their language skills. This day will explore how we can facilitate science in a sensory way.

Sensory Art. The structured sensory art project enabled artists with PMLD to independently create their own works of art and to benefit from the creative process in a way that improved mental well being and engagement. This day is intended for settings planning on running their own iteration of the project and will be a practical ‘how-to’ for doing this.

Sensory-being. The third of the Sensory Projects looked at how to facilitate experiences of mindfulness for people whose primary experience of the world is sensory. Mindfulness (or its sensory equivalent: sensory-being) is wonderful for promoting mental well being, for students and staff alike. This day will explore the project and allow you to apply its learning to your own setting.

Sensory stories: Part II. If you have already had the Sensory Stories training day and are keen to get even more ambitious with your use of sensory stories this day is for you. On it you will hear examples of ambitious sensory story sharing and be encouraged to think of your own way to be adventurous with sensory stories.

Featured events

This event takes delegates through the development of seven sensory systems teaching them to identify sensory experiences likely to appeal at each stage of development. We then look at how to build these experiences into engaging sensory exchanges. As we develop our own sensory lexiconaries we are enabled to connect with and communicate with Sensory Beings*. 2018 tour dates are now live for Early Bird bookings.

At a time when we are considering mental health first aid for all it is important that we look at how we proactively support the mental well being of some of those individuals most at risk of mental health difficulties. This course offers delegates simple sensory strategies that can be implemented immediately, without expense, to support the mental well being of Sensory Beings.*

*Sensory Beings = People whose primary experience of the world, and meaning within it, is sensory.

Upcoming events

Dates in bold type are ticketed events which you can book onto. 
Dates in plain type are bespoke events for the settings listed. 

  • Sensory stories - The National Archives - London - 21/7/17
  • Parallel London - London - 3/9/17
  • Sensory engagement for mental well being - Brookfield school - 4/9/17
  • Sensory stories - Heronsbridge school - 5/9/17
  • Sensory stories - The Bridge School - 6/9/17
  • Sensory keynote and workshops - PMLD conference - Bournemouth - 14&15/9/17
  • National Multi Sensory Story Telling Day, in partnership with The Sensory Trust, The Sensory Projects will be leading a day facilitating 40 authors with PMLD in writing and sharing their own sensory stories. - Torquay - 22/9/17
  • Sensory stories - The James McFarlane School - Ardrossan - 25/9/17
  • Sensory stories - Coppice School  - Doncaster - 29/9/17

2018 dates

  • Sensory stories - Birkett House School - Leicester - 8/1/2018
  • Sensory stories - Complex Needs and Dyslexia Service, Inclusion & more - Newham - 26/1/2018
  • Sensory stories - Rushall Inclusion Services - Walsall - 16/2/18
  • Keynote speaker - National Portage Association Conference - Birmingham 2/3/2018
  • Sensory stories - Hob Moor Oaks - York - 9/3/2018
  • Sound sensory engagement - Leicester Music Services - Leicester - 15/3/2018
  • Sensory engagement for mental well being - Birmingham - 16/3/2018
  • Sensory engagement - Long Eaton - 9/4/18
  • Sensory stories - Fountaindale - Mansfield - 15/6/2018
  • Sensory engagement - Lexden Springs - Colchester - 23/11/2018
  • Plymouth - 11/5/2018
  • - Bristol - 18/5/2018
  • - Nottingham - 8/6/2018
  • - Cambridge - 27/6/2018
  • - Manchester - 29/6/2018
  • The super - London - 5 & 6/7/2018

"Thank you so much! The staff are a hard bunch to please and they were like putty in your hands - they are so appreciative and we have had the best feedback ever! I am a very grateful head!"

"I am the sensory lead teacher for my school. Your stories and vision inspired me and my staff to use your approach to develop curiosity, interactions and reactions that otherwise would not necessarily happen."

"Using sensory stories with my client is the first time I've felt that we truly communicated."

"We have received so much positive feedback from staff about your talk and workshop and also the day as a whole. Lovely to hear that staff have been tweeting you."

"I just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to share the Sensory Stories day with Joanna. I know I do not only speak for myself when I say that I took so much from the day. Joanna's unique delivery was most refreshing and her underlying ethos and ideas about how to support people with disabilities is something I too hope to be able to share with other professionals."

"Your workshop at our Early Years conference inspired so many who have gone on to use sensory stories."

Jo Grace,
12 May 2017, 07:36