The structured sensory art project was the second of The Sensory Project's projects. It enabled artists with profound and multiple learning disabilities to independently create works of art. These art works were then put together to form the exhibition Uninhibited which toured the UK spreading awareness of the the talents of the artists and also raising awareness of the Changing Places campaign


Having a disability may limit your movement, may limit your mind, but it does not limit your creativity.

Individuals with profound disabilities can have exceptional abilities when it comes to uninhibited expression. 

The Structured Sensory Art Project aims:

  • To enable individuals with profound disabilities to independently create works of art, and to benefit from all that engagement in art has to offer in terms of enjoyment, mental well being, developing understanding and self expression.
  • To support settings in creating an atmosphere of engagement and creativity.
  • Generate awareness of the talents of individuals with profound disability, raise awareness of the presence of individuals with profound disability in our communities, and in so doing raise awareness of the Changing Places campaign.

Uninhibited: The exhibition of the art work produced by the artists of The Structured Sensory Art Project toured the UK in 2015.

If you would like to arrange a training day focused on facilitating structured sensory art in your setting get in touch:

Photos of artists: Chloe, Gabriel, Zac, Harry, Hannah, Shannon and Zoe displayed with kind permission of their parents & carers.

The Structured Sensory Art Project Internationally.

Further Structured Sensory Art Projects are now running across the UK and the Structured Sensory Art Project has gone international! A Structured Sensory Art Project is running currently in Portugal. The new artists taking part are doing some incredible work. The project is in it's early stages; more news will be posted here as the project progresses.

The wonderful Eat Art Picture framers framed the work of Uninhibited.

Journal articles about the Structured Sensory Art Project were featured in SLD experience (Issue 72 summer 2015) and PMLD link (Winter 2015).

The Structured Sensory Art Project was awarded an Access Art Star in recognition of it's inclusive nature.