Sensory-being the enveloping of natural presentness and awareness in an unfolding sensory moment.

Sensory Beings are people who experience the world in a primarily sensory way. Often these will be people do not have access to language yet/ever/anymore. Sensory Beings may have profound and multiple learning difficulties, they can be people experiencing the later stages of dementia or babies in the first months of life.

Sensory-being for Sensory Beings is due for publication in Summer 2017 by Speechmark press. If you would like to be notified of its availability please email

Many of the insights learned through the evolution of the sensory-being project are shared in the Develop your sensory lexiconary courses running in May 2017. Click the link below to book to attend.

Sensory-being can be thought of as a type of mindfulness suited to people whose attention falls naturally on the present. In sharing sensory experiences with Sensory Beings we can explore sensory-being and mindfulness together for mutual benefit.

The sensory-being project teaches people how to create and facilitate sensory experiences to promote sensory-being. As with all of the Sensory Projects it runs on the principle that experiences do not need to be expensive in order to be effective, what is most important is to have the relevant underpinning knowledge and a little creativity.

The Sensory Projects worked in conjunction with a team of twenty six Sustainable Design students from Falmouth University to create objects to inspire sensory-being. The Sustainable Design students were advised by teams of sensory experts from Woodlands special school, Curnow Primary and Curnow Secondary special school as to what sorts of sensory experiences were most likely to envelop us in an unfolding moment. Click the photos below to be taken to photograph albums that give insight into the consultation process.
Images used as a part of the Sensory-being project with kind permission of parents and careers. 

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