Where am I?

posted 16 May 2013, 13:14 by Jo Grace

Number of new  backers: 8.       Total backers: 145.        Funding £4,631.        Percentage funded 92%.       Days to go: 4.

10% in a day. Today I sent three updates to my backers, it's just been so exciting. Mencap asked for a blog post, one school bursar was persuaded to back the project. Kicktraq shows us trending to reach the goal. 84% of projects fail, I'm daring to think this might be one of the ones to succeed and I've started concocting smells for the backers who've pledged for the smell reward. Everything is happening so fast I can barely keep up and facing the blank blog screen is disorientating as it's the first time I've looked up in the day to wonder what I'm doing.