What if I run out of friends?

posted 22 Apr 2013, 02:15 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 10      Total backers: 20     Funding £796

  • Personal emails to contacts. Personal messages work much better than 'mailshots.' In twitter or in email conversations are more likely to result in backers than straight advertising. Of course personal messages and having real conversations takes a lot longer than just CC a message to your whole contacts list. I work for 15hrs on this. 
  • Keep twitter going - it's important to be there when people login, generally people read the top ten tweets when they first open twitter. I tried to make sure there was always a tweet about the project when people opened their accounts. At first I worried that this would annoy my followers, but it actually resulted in an increase in followers. 
  • I made an adhoc poster about the project and shared it on the Facebook page. I asked people to print it and display it. I wanted to find a way to get the project out of the internet and into the path of people who maybe don't spend as much time online each day as I do. 
My new backers were all friends or relatives. I felt humbled by their support and worried...It's not that I didn't want my friend's support. It's easy for people who know me to know how much I care about the project, I was worried that....for one: I didn't have enough friends to fund the whole project, or I could run out of friends fast if I kept asking for their backing, but more importantly: two - this project is for a particular group of people, I want them to know about it, and if it's only friends who are backing the project then I haven't got my message out to the right people.