Updates and bribery

posted 26 Apr 2013, 10:39 by Jo Grace   [ updated 26 Apr 2013, 10:50 ]
Number of new backers: 3      Total backers: 80   Funding £2,550

Updates seem to come in batches. Overnight something amazing happened - as you can see from the numbers! 
You can read my fourth update here.

The bribery of the title was to motivate myself to   k e e p     o n     e m a i l i n g   I've been approaching local businesses to see if they'd fancy being backers. I have a few conversations going on...(And more on Linkedin) I think it's best to write individual emails, no one wants to be spammed (and even though Google thought I was a spam bot earlier in the week I'm really not, I just type hard and fast). Writing individual emails takes time, and more focus than I was able to manage at 3pm this afternoon. So I lined up the webpages I planned to visit and worked through them one by one, putting a tempting distraction at the end of the list...trouble is my German is not good enough to translate all of the German ebay site so my fantasy shopping hasn't been altogether successful.

This is exciting....

So exciting I've allowed myself to start this....

...it's a small book of ideas for stimuli for the stories. 
[Technically my rule is still in place: I'm not allowed to imagine the project's success...this is just a slight slip]
(Yes, I've worn the lettering off my keyboard).

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