To break or blog?

posted 22 Apr 2013, 05:06 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 1      Total backers: 64     Funding £1,808

Taking up one of James' ideas I spent five hours creating this blog so far. James reads through it and points out where it doesn't make sense. Hardly surprising after the amount of rest I've had. I respond to people on twitter, and stop intermittently to tweet the project directly from the Kickstarter page. 

By three pm there have been no new backers. We had arranged to meet friends for ice cream, so I finally shut the computer down and took a break. My ability to chat was poor (the only thing I have to talk about is the project), but the ice cream was good. Afterwards I went for a run on my own. I did two laps of the city wall keeping my paces as long as I could, pushing hard, and ignoring the puzzled looks of the gentle Sunday afternoon joggers. 

I was ready for today to be a day with no backers. The project doesn't run itself, without me at the helm backers don't come. But whilst I was out running James had been talking to his friends and late in the evening someone who we know can't afford to do so, backs the project.