The light and dark

posted 4 May 2013, 13:33 by Jo Grace

Number of new backers: 3.      Total backers: 102.     Funding £3,175.      Percentage funded 64%      Days to go: 16

Today I've spent a solid 12 hours on twitter. Last weekend there were no new backers so I was really determined today. I've been cheeky in places and asked people directly. Fortunately for me people are lovely and have responded. 

Jo Empson - author of the wonderful Rabbityness, a personal favourite of mine has joined the project as a backer and I'm delighted. @Rootexperience who'll be launching their own project soon have been earning themselves some good Kickstarter Karma and helping me to promote The Sensory Story Project. So that's all good, and this Saturday has found the project 3 new backers. Which is 3 more than last Saturday. But....

(Clicking the picture should take you to Rabbityness)

But....the purpose of this blog is to help folk who plan to follow in my Kickstarter footsteps. So I can't just share the sunny stuff with you. Taking 42 days work is pretty serious. The month has just changed, which means all the bills have gone out. James and I have had some pretty grim conversations about work and money. At the end of it I'm very fortunate. He supports me as I reach for this. But it's not easy, it's not light, it's not fun. It's hard. Worth it. Absolutely worth it, and thrilling in places (especially Rabbity places) but generally pretty tough.