Strangers in a strange land

posted 7 May 2013, 13:12 by Jo Grace   [ updated 7 May 2013, 14:03 ]

Number of new backers: 2.      Total backers: 104.     Funding £3,361.      Percentage funded 67%      Days to go: 13.

Up at 2am, to begin travelling. 

One train before airport and sadly there is a dead man on the tracks, which also means no train. I do not speak the local language. I run for a cab with three strangers. We fly. Then there are trains and blisters and maps and now I'm here.

The project has been run with a small phone from snatched free wifi and cafes. I know now from experience that days when I spend less time at my desk mean less backers and it's perilously close to the end, so I'm sprinting for the finish, hoping we make it. So it's lovely to get two backers and not know where they are from. Strangers emerging from the mists. To my very tired mind the world seems kind. Noisy, if you're friends with the project in Facebook you can hear for yourself, but kind.

Tomorrow I've arranged to meet one of my exisiting backers, the stretch goals are the stuff of their dreams...
I don't know whether I should be hoping we devise a plan for getting there, or whether I should be regretting tantalising them with something which is an ambition to me, but to them is their life and their bond with their child. The project means a lot to me - I had only hand luggage on my flight and opted for sensory resources over clothes (funny looks at customs), but I hadn't reflected upon how much it would come to mean to others.

The little note book from an earlier post is with me all the time now.