Puzzling the WI

posted 24 Apr 2013, 13:23 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 3      Total backers: 74     Funding £2,000

Today I have worked on starting conversations on Linkedin and puzzling the WI. When I was 19 I was fundraising to do short term aid work in the slums of Kenya. I remember standing in front of a group of women and telling them what I planned to do, and it all instantly sounding like nonsense, as if I was a child playing with dolls and making up stories. When I'd finished talking they clapped, and individually afterwards they came up to share their wisdom and tell me I'd done well. They contributed to helping me do something big then (or big for a 19yr old) so today I've recontacted them, hoping that as an organisation or as individual women they will be able to see the worth of this endeavour. 

The biggest hurdle, and this is one I've encountered with other people I've approached (big businesses who invest in local projects in exchange for good PR or trusts set up to do good works) is this:
                            I'm not a business.
                            I'm not a charity.
Consequently I don't fit within anyone's guidelines. To back me you have to be ready to think unusually, to be a bit different. The WI surprised me before; I hope they will again. 

More and more lately my backers are people I don't know - if you've read previous posts you'll know this is encouraging.
Today I've been backed by someone else who has a project on Kickstarter, and re-backed by a great supporter who got the project to the 2k mark and is pressing me with advice to help me lift it further. 

I've run in the woods like a wild thing, and I feel positive. It's still very scary to think about how far away the end goal is, but today has felt good so I plan to go to sleep on that note.