Out of my hands

posted 1 May 2013, 09:13 by Jo Grace   [ updated 1 May 2013, 09:14 ]
Number of new backers: 5     Total backers: 93   Funding: £3,000    Percentage funded: 60%    Days to go: 19  

It's out of my hands now. I'm still working every hour I'm awake, but the new backers haven't come through me. They've come via existing backers working tirelessly on behalf of the project, to whom I'll forever be indebted   Foolishly I lay on the bed at 3pm and fell asleep for an hour (I'm not normally one to cat nap). I realised when I woke up that I can't imagine anything else I'd work this hard over, even if I were getting married it wouldn't fill my every waking hour the way the Sensory Story Project does. To people considering Kickstarter - take heed - will the life around you be willing to sacrifice itself to your project? Have you room in your life to raise such a little monster as a Kickstarter project?

Seeing the zeros brings a new dash of hope, in the dizziness of it I began to imagine stretch goals for the project: I've written about the lack of research in this area, I wonder if a stretch goal could fund a piece of research on sensory learning for individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities. But scroll a few pages back and you'll see when I hit the last set of zeros I got excited and started keeping a book of ideas for stimuli, right after that we went for two days with no new backers. So, aside for falling asleep accidentally this afternoon I'm not going to be distracted. I'm still awake. Still working. Still got a very long way to go!

I can't quite believe, as I go to click 'save' on this post, that 93 other people are behind this project with me. That's so humbling and so inspiring. I am, in my own ragged way, a surfer, and as you paddle onto a wave, and it rears up behind you, massive with all the force of the ocean: that's humbling and inspiring in the same way. It's the sensory experience I'd choose to replicate the feeling of seeing that number: 93 at the top of the post. Thank you everyone: I'm paddling as fast as I can and I hope to ride the wave you're creating.