Not worried?

posted 9 May 2013, 14:51 by Jo Grace
Number of new  backers: 2    Total backers: 111     Funding £3,422      Percentage funded 68%.    Days to go: 11.

I'm finding it harder and harder to post an update on the day. I'm so tired now typing suddenly seems incredibly complicated.

Today I presented at the London Health Care Conference, or to call it what it was: a room full of extremely dedicated, knowledgable, focused, questioning professionals and parents. They were wonderful, and I got to meet a few more backers face to face which is thrilling. 

Lots of my backers are supporting me in more ways than just pledging. It was nice when I got on the train to realise that even after a day away from my desk twitter was alive with people tweeting the project. One of my big backers has been providing me with very strong guidance. I have stumbled upon a mentor of the highest quality and today they had a lot of questions for me about what will happen if we launch. If you're imagining doing kickstarter and launching your little project, you're going to be shocked to find that your project quickly becomes our project and from the little seed you contribute your backers can....oops mixed metaphors coming a great big building. People are ambitious about the project on my behalf, and it's great.

We're still a long way from hitting the goal, but I'm finding it hard to worry today. I have people working on finding me backers and we have so possibilities on the horizon. Tomorrow I'm delivering four lectures on the project (and then through a confusion of train times I'm actually going to end up supporting a secondary school colleague as they watch over a school disco - I may do some teenage dancing).