My hero!

posted 22 Apr 2013, 04:24 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 10      Total backers: 53     Funding £1,638

The founder of Storyphones, Eleanor Johnson, has supported me from before the start of the project. Her unique insight into sounds has been useful in sourcing stimuli for stories. She has backed the project and the blog post went live. We both tweeted it. 

From working in schools I'm used to Thursdays being back days. They are the furthest you can get through the working week without it being Friday. But Thursday for the project didn't conform to this!

I get a steady trickle of backers, primarily, if not entirely down to the efforts of one email contact who has been mailing me back and forth since the start of the project. She's posted links to it in several forums and also personally recommended it to all her contacts. It is thanks to her that the most incredible thing happens:

 Just after lunch the project is backed by Flo Longhorn!

When I got the message I burst into tears. Flo has been a name that I’ve known throughout my career. On day one of my job in a school for children with severe and profound special needs, as an NQT, someone thrust a tatty photocopy of a Flo Longhorn book into my hands. Flo pioneered sensory curricular for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities in the early 80s. Every research paper I’ve ever read that is concerned with sensory learning has cited Flo’s work within it. I was overcome with emotion at the thought of this woman, who I'd spent years looking up to, backing me. 

Once I’d gotten over the shock I wrote to thank her. I received a message right back saying that my mail had made her blush. At this point I rationalised that I couldn’t cry every time I heard from her and would just have to play it cool!

James and I went out to dinner with some of his new colleagues. I baffled a group of very nice physicists with my jubilant explanation of who Flo is.

Thanks to my tireless email contact, with whom I'm still exchanging with at gone 11pm Thursday is the first day since the start of the project when the number of new backers has been in double figures.