posted 22 Apr 2013, 01:29 by Jo Grace   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 01:30 ]
I build up my profile on twitter:
  • by tweeting about things my audience will find interesting: in my case this is information relating to children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN&D).
  • by joining in with twitter chats - google searches tell me what time these will be and what their topics will be. I talk about the topic of the chat, not about my own agenda.
  • by setting up a twitter newspaper using My paper is called 'Respecting Difference' I fiddle about getting feeds from people I respect. Tweeting the paper often yields retweets.
  • by using relevant hashtags, it's a bit disappointing how few there are for SEN&D issues but I find ones where I feel the people using them may have an interest in SEN&D.
  • I choose who I follow carefully. I always thank people for retweeting me. I make sure I join in other people's conversations and don't just press my own agenda - think how bad you'd be as a party guest if you just had one topic!
I begin to learn how to use a twitter management tool: After reading through several reviews of such things I choose Socialoomph and once I've mastered it I'm not keen on learning a new one so I stick with it. 

I end up with over a thousand followers. I know it's not many compared to some, but I hope they are the right people for me. They are my target audience, not just numbers. In the end my project will be done for them.