posted 22 Apr 2013, 04:47 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 3      Total backers: 56     Funding £1,713

I offered businesses that work with children with special needs the opportunity to get some good PR by backing the project. A couple of people wrote back asking to join me in business but no one backed the project. I searched through websites for the contact details of journalists who might be willing to run a story on the project. I haven't heard back from the Guardian reporter. I contact my local paper despite James' poor experience when promoting his App Concentricity. My sister-in-common-law’s husband’s step father (!) turns out to be connected to lots of celebrities in twitter and sends out a barrage of tweets asking for the project to be retweeted. Colin Farrell and Val McDermid are among those who respond. Some of Colin’s followers instantly retweeted the project to express their devotion to Colin, but the project doesn't find any new backers as a result.

Our temporary accommodationprovided by the university, feels a bit like the Big Brother house. I assume that whoever it was that left the cheese molding in the fridge has been voted out as the kitchen was very empty at breakfast time. Fetching myself a glass of water during the day I accidentally let the door to our room close. I had left my key in the room, which meant I lost half an hour of time whilst the building's secretary rang security to get them to come and open the room for me. I looked like an idiot and resolved from now on to wear my keys each day in order to avoid a similar catastrophe.

James took me for a run in the evening, but I was too slow to keep up with him. I felt like an embarrassment  The project got no new backers during the day. (The three indicated at the top of this post all happened after I’d gone to bed) I was very glum and James started to talk to me about how he doesn't want me to be disappointed if the project isn't a success.