posted 22 Apr 2013, 02:04 by Jo Grace

Number of new backers: 10      Total backers: 10     Funding £166

I pressed 'launch' then sat with my fingers hovering over my keyboard, too excited to type anything that would make sense. I send short manic sounding emails to friends. 

Kickstarter ask you to link a facebook page to your project page. If you opt not to they display something saying that you've chosen not to - which looks a bit unfriendly. During the 'waiting' period I had created a facebook page for the project and updated it with status to do with the project and sharing information and advice relevant to SEN&D. I add a "We've launched" status update to the page, which is duly 'liked' by some of the page's friends.

It is recommended that you choose a 30 day life span for your project, as statistically short projects are more likely to be successful. I chose 42 days. Partly because Douglas Adams has more of a hold over my life than perhaps he should, but also because I know James and I will be moving house (and not just house, countries too) during the duration of the project and I anticipate the packing and the upheaval costing me a few days.

I tweet, email, and facebook all day. I add my project to Linkedin but am careful not to treat this site in the way I would twitter or facebook. 

James and a dear friend back me within the first hour.