Keeping up

posted 8 May 2013, 16:24 by Jo Grace
Number of new  backers: 2    Total backers: 109     Funding £3,400      Percentage funded 68%. Days to go: 12.

I'm still up, although it's tomorrow already, but the 15hr days I've been putting in don't seem long enough, we are nearing single figures for the number of days left
A dispiriting start to the day as it received an email saying someone in the SEN&D community had been offended by my pitch. The route of it turned out to be a misunderstanding or a typo, but the feeling that I might have upset someone I look up to was a horrible thing to wake up to. Many contrite emails sent, and many kind relies received.

Two people offering to host blog posts, but needing them written ASAP, I fear in one I may have made several additions to the English language.

I met with one of the project's most consistent backers, and was very touched to hear about the project from their point of view as a parent. As we parted company they pressed me to have a plan B for if we don't reach the goal. "Your backers will support you" it's a lovely thing to hear, and I've had many messages but to see someone standing on the street so plainly meaning it was very humbling. 

No word from my celebrity, but I think chasing that sort of exposure doesn't suit a project like this. My backers come from within the community, and tomorrow I am presenting at a Health Care Conference, to an audience I'm sure know way more than me. I think I need to take my parent backer along as a warm up act!

I'm sharing my taste experience dinner with you: there has been no time for fine dining, and my money is in the project too so this was sufficient. But cutlery would have helped!