It's grim

posted 22 Apr 2013, 04:07 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 4      Total backers: 43     Funding £1,325

received an email from the service manager at Action for Hearing Loss: 

 "I think what you are trying to do is fantastic. I work with deaf people, adults who have additional needs (mental healthy issues, learning disabilities, autism, blindenss etc) and it is so difficult to find sensory resources and activities that the guys can get involved in. Any new projects that can support this I am 100% behind.”

I got booked to speak at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities' Health conference (this is as a result of emails I've sent regarding the project).

I worked on another blog post. 

The email and the booking were encouraging but the day passed without any new backers. Only 27% of people were watching the film all the way through. 

I am usually an avid runner. Not your average one: this is me on my Kangoojumps (feel free to use my discount code Aff136c if you want to have a go) :

Days of spending every waking moment at my keyboard were having an impact. The lack of sleep, the travel lag, and the extra pounds around my middle were making me miserable. James was worried I felt trapped: that I was alone in a country where I had no one to talk to. (I had yet to learn the local language). I was spending all day talking to people online so didn't recognise his concerns. We were grumpy with each other. He suggested I take a rest from the project and I interpreted this as him not thinking the project was important. The outcome of this wasn't pretty. I wasn't pretty. 

At the end of the day I was rescued from utter dejection by a few twitter backers.