In talking we find a reason why.

posted 3 May 2013, 11:48 by Jo Grace

Number of new backers: 1.      Total backers: 99.     Funding £3,175.      Percentage funded 63%      Days to go: 17

The majority of my backers have come out of conversations. People on twitter retweet me, people on Facebook 'like' me. People on LinkedIn might comment. These things are encouraging, and valued, but the cold hard truth of it is that without backers this won't happen.

I'm travelling through London next week, I'd love to be the sort of person who could just start conversations. James was keen for me to approach people at the train station and 'sell' the project to them, but it's not really my skill set. Conversations take a long time, but they're enjoyable and I've got the time...well I've got 17 days.

Today someone requested a tougher reward, so I made a sturdier snout. 

Today's backer? Someone I hadn't had a conversation with until they popped up in my inbox to tell me they'd backed the project! Hopefully we will have conversations in future!