Hold your breath!

posted 29 Apr 2013, 14:46 by Jo Grace   [ updated 30 Apr 2013, 12:13 ]

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I am not an expert in this. I have experience of working with children with special needs and disabilities (SEN&D), and of sharing sensory stories with these children. I know so many people who know so much more about SEN&D and I know they’d never call themselves experts. I actively avoid the term – I’ve been interviewed for a few magazines and things recently and it’s very easy for a journalist to write a little blurb that says: Joanna Grace SEND expert. When they do I write and ask them to take that word out.

I read several blogs like this one over the weekend, trawling for ideas for the project. I was relieved to find in more than one of them, people commenting on what being on Kickstarter does to you emotionally: be prepared to doubt yourself, to feel like a fraud, to think you can’t do it. James says I have ‘imposter syndrome.’ This isn’t reassuring.

I’m basing what I do on what I’ve done before, what I’ve seen those more experienced people doing, and what I’ve read in research and books on sensory learning, but I’m certainly not claiming to know it all, anything but! Having been reassured by the other blogs at the weekend that my ‘imposter syndrome’ was normal and to be expected, today I received an email from someone attacking the project and calling me a fraud. I wrote back, I hope I've answered their concerns.

Kickstarter is incredibly public. Once the project is over, success or failure, they’ll still have my page, the rights to my film, it will still be there in the public sphere.

I’m doing my best. Open to suggestions, grateful for all advice and guidance. I know only this much, and it’s that which I’m hoping to share, I’m not claiming it’s everything, just offering what I’ve got. 

Today I've been working on ways I could tell the stories to larger groups - purely as a way to promote the project, not what they're intended for. 

Potentially the big news, is that yesterday I wrote to some people who've been successful on Kickstarter in the past, hoping for a bit of Kickstarter Karma. Today one has replied and has forwarded my message onto Amanda Palmer who tweets about project to over 870k followers - hold your breath backers!