Good, but not good enough - I can't compete with Morrissey

posted 30 Apr 2013, 12:12 by Jo Grace   [ updated 30 Apr 2013, 12:44 ]

Number of new backers: 1      Total backers: 88     Funding £2,675      Percentage funded 53%      Days to go: 20

Today I adjusted the pricing of some of my rewards, removed a couple I decided were not going to be popular and replaced them with a couple which I’m advised are good to offer – yes a t-shirt, and also something a bit more creative than that.


I’m working on creating resources for possible large group story telling sessions to create interest in the project, but I’m fighting against sombre little voices inside my head that say, in bewitchingly reassuring tones, “You’ve got it this far Jo, and that’s good, but we’re sorry, it’s not good enough” echoes of game show hosts “I’m sorry but you’re not the Biggest Loser” or “You are the weakest link” (I don’t even watch the weakest link – why is it in my head?)


I’ve had a lot of contact with people today, which could all amount to something, but only one new backer. I travel to London soon for two speaking engagements to do with the project, I’ve booked to spend a week in town, I hope I’m not just on hotel wifi wasting time, I am trying to arrange story telling events.


In good news I’ve been contacted by three different groups of people looking for help: an individual who is soon to be volunteering at a local library telling sensory stories; a research group; and a group who work with individuals with hearing loss and learning disabilities. Hopefully I’ve been some use to everybody. 

[@amandapalmer who yesterday I hoped might RT the project to her 870k+ followers, today has 871k+ followers and has got distracted by Neil Morrissey]