posted 17 May 2013, 13:25 by Jo Grace
Number of new  backers: 5.       Total backers: 150.        Funding £5,739.        Percentage funded 114%.       Days to go: 3.

Early today I got an email from a confused school bursar saying "I've been told to give you £1000 what should I do?" I wrote a quick and grateful reply and waited. This school has been on the radar for a couple of weeks, and is one of the elephants I've been gently (or perhaps not so gently - you'd have to ask them) herding towards the project. It sounds like a wonderful place and on top of the great news of them  getting the project to the goal and smashing it, their backing will mean I get to go and visit them and tell some of the stories. So not only do I now get to create these stories I get to tell them too. I couldn't be happier.

I was thrilled and stunned for about 5 minutes and then the messages of congratulations started pouring in. Only 16% of projects get successfully funded and we've still got three days to go. One of today's new backers came along after we'd hit the goal, so there may be more people joining us. I am super aware of how much the success of this project launch is down to the backers, not just for the obvious reason of their pledges but because so many of them have done things for the project, for some it's just telling a friend or sending some tweets, but so many people have taken it much further. I've had backers flood their networks with the project, contact magazines, even MPs, one guy persistently tweeted celebrities on our behalf, lots of people have put up my little posters, and after all the publicizing they've been there offering me support and guidance - even telling me to go to bed. It's been a herculean effort and very much a collective one. I'm exhausted now, but very much looking forward to getting started.