Filming (Cleavage!)

posted 22 Apr 2013, 01:20 by Jo Grace

“You look like you’re about to be shot.” I sit by a small table laden with sensory resources in our bay window. “Just talk about them the way you always do.” James does his best to hide his exasperation, he is quite good at this sort of thing ; I begin to wonder whether I should persuade a friend to ‘star’ in this film in my place.  “Be you.” Unfortunately being me includes being very daunted to be in front of a camera. “It can’t be someone else they need to see how passionate you are about this.”

Fortunately for me, and for the project, James persists and after 4 hrs of filming I’m allowed off the hot spot. James then spends over 20 hrs of his weekend editing the footage. We take it to show a couple of friends. I have the toe curling experience of watching them watch me. They give their feedback, suggesting among other things that we add in question plates to cue people into what I’m talking about. They also suggest re-filming, advising me that there’s too much ‘boobage’ in the current footage.

Driving home we discuss their suggestions and add our own, we don’t like the order at the start, one bit was a repeat, the question plates are a good idea. “We could re-film it in one go? It wouldn't take long.” I can’t face the camera again. We decide that as the my cleavage wasn't meant gratuitously people will forgive me for it.