posted 22 Apr 2013, 03:07 by Jo Grace
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I loaded my twitter feed; James  loaded the car: 

We begin driving at just after ten in the morning. 8hrs on the road gives us plenty of time to brainstorm ideas for the project and to wonder how we will manage in our as yet unseen new home. 

Simon Mayo's Drive Time show comes on and James jokes that I should ring in. I'm shy, when sometime ago James came home and informed me he'd signed us up for a TV quiz show I was horrified. "But you'd be able to answer the art questions I wouldn't get" he protested. I told him I had no intention of being on television and he could take his Dad, his sister, his boss - pretty much anyone except me. 

We still had several hours left on the road. What else could I do for the project in that time? So I dialed the number and waited. I got an engaged tone. I kept dialing. It took over an hour, during which time I heard a ringing tone only three times. Finally I was connected: I was so thrilled to have gotten through I thanked the man profusely for answering the phone, he seemed a bit bemused by this: his job afterall was to answer the phone. When I told him I was in a car, I didn't know where, going to a city I'd never seen, in a another country, to live in a house whose address I didn't know, his bemusement increased and he said I could go on air. 

James parked the car in a lay-by and told me every 30 seconds to be calm, to be myself, to just say this, or that, or.... I apologised to him and told him I'd have to not look at him for the interview, he was bouncing around in his seat and not providing the calming reassurance he hoped to. 

I was live on radio 2. I got 5 minutes of national air time: Drive time fri 12th - I'm at 1:20 ish  I tried to mention the project but it didn't go well.

That night we stayed with friends, I watched my project page to see if the national exposure would have any impact: it had none.