Booked & Blogged

posted 22 Apr 2013, 03:54 by Jo Grace
Number of new backers: 3      Total backers: 39     Funding £1,305

I got booked to speak at the Times Educational Supplement Special Educational Needs conference TES SEN on the topic of Sensory Stories and released my second update

The project was 32% funded: my task of finding backers to fill the final 68% seemed enormous. I realised that if each existing backer persuaded 2 people to do the same as themselves that would be it. I added this to the update and hoped people would take up the challenge.

My blog post on sensory learning for Apollo Ensemble went live on their site. We all tweeted about it. 

I put on make up quickly, before James comes home, to try and look less like a boiled egg and more alive.