As it turns out....

posted 2 May 2013, 14:08 by Jo Grace

Number of new backers: 5      Total backers: 98     Funding £3,145      Percentage funded 62%      Days to go: 18

Today (along with the tweeting, facebooking, Linkedin-ing and emailing) I wrote two articles, this one: and one that won’t be published until after the project has finished. I risked writing a small report on the project’s success, hopefully this doesn’t jinx things, I was careful to highlight it so that it could be deleted if we don’t make it.

 I know it’s only a few sentences but this has taken me the best part of half an hour to write. I keep mangling the keys and having to go back to take out typos. It’s bedtime for me! But I want to keep you updated.

 I know that people are posting the project on facebook pages and retweeting it for me, and emailing their friends, some people may even have printed out the posters I made and have put them up in places.

 At the beginning it was just me, now there’s 98 of us. That thought keeps going through my head, I imagine what we’d all look like in a room somewhere for a group photo: the people who launched the Sensory Stories Project.

 Today I discovered a beguiling site that tells me the projections are good for my project. Actually it’s a little vexing to just see it draw a simple line and tell me things are going to be okay. It’s not just me working on this now, I know a good number of backers and supporters going to great lengths to get the word out – that’s what makes the line keep moving. Without them new backers wouldn’t hear for the project.

 Oh....and this happened: (It turns out we can beat we just have to hope it turns into backers).


Sorry this is long and rambling, I’m tried and not too concise. Sleep now.