Why is the gull on the landing page ?

I grew up on a concrete boat that my parents designed and built themselves when they were at university. Many many stories come with this childhood, the reason for the gull icon on my landing page is just one of them.

A child enduring long ocean crossings is much like a child in a car on the motorway. The cry of "Are we nearly there yet?" is a familiar one.

The answer to a child on a boat asking "Are we nearly there yet" is to send them to the bowsprit to watch for land. Many hours of my childhood were spent lying on the bowsprit watching for land. So I know that the first sign of land after a long voyage is the gulls. They fly out to greet the boats to see if we have fish scraps for them. 

I have family members with neurological differences and physical disabilities. My own professional life supporting differently abled individuals began when I was 13 and worked informally as a support worker for a brain injured man. But my understanding of this world extends beyond that, through the literature I have read for sure but more so through my mother's insights. She worked supporting people with physical disabilities in her teens. All this gives me a sense of how far we have come on our journey to inclusion.  We have come a long, long way, but we are not there yet.

When you see the gulls you know the ocean has been crossed but you are still a long way from land.