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The International Fund for Animal Welfare's fabulously well resourced FREE pack for special schools,
 teaching students about how to take care of themselves and their cats and dogs.

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       Stories from different cultures                     A sensory story to inspire                      Amnesty International's
                                                                        interest in STEM subjects                       resource about saying
                                                                                                                                        Yes or No
  A series of inclusive resources from for learners in special schools.
Water week - Global learning                           Everyone Counts - Numeracy                Stories from Haiti - Literacy
              2016-2017 Free Special School library pack is now available for schools to apply for here
Be sure to explore the booktrust site for other wonderful inclusive resources.

  Learn about healthy eating and growing with Grow Your Own Potatoes

           Hope filled resources to inspire students to understand difference and create a brighter future.                          

If you would like a resource written for your organisation please get in contact.

Sensory Tours

Sensory tours are a great way to deliver a meaningful visitor experience for individuals who experience meaning in a primarily sensory way, for example individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities or individuals experiencing the later stages of dementia. 

Tours have been created for a variety of settings including Kensington Palace and The London Transport Museum.